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8 books for the San Francisco lover

By Anna Pētersone
When you live in Europe and spend your time long-distance-crushing over a city in the west coast of the US, books written about it are the best way of lessening your heartache while saving up for that couple thousand dollar journey.

  A fun, heartwarming story about pain can be transformed into something beautiful by doing the thing you love. Food writer Wini Moranwille says it’s „part Sex and the city, part magical realism” which describes this novel perfectly. As the main character Dante loses the love of his life but manages to open a restaurant in the midst of his emotional downfall, he tells a story that is both intellectually satisfying as well as easy and pleasurable to read. Read More

  First of all, I just love a well written literary duo. Levithan has a couple of collaboration novels (including Will Grayson, Will Grayson with John Green) that can make your heart skip a beat and this is not the one to miss either.
  Both of these YA powerhouses are quite known for exploring LGBTQ themes in some of their work and here, they have travelled to the city of pride-San Francisco, where two old classmates find each other while looking for love and explore the difficulties, troubles and confusion of being a part of LGBTQ  youth. Read More

‘’It’s a tale of books and technology, cryptography and conspiracy, friendship and love. It begins in a mysterious San Francisco bookstore, but quickly reaches out into the wider world and the shadowed past.’’ Author says about this novel and honestly, that is the perfect introduction. This one is an absolute must read for all of us- book lovers, San Francisco lovers, tech lovers and love lovers. So if you manage to get your hands on this one-don’t miss it! Read More

4. Lola and the Boy Next Door by StephaniePerkins

  A magnificent young adult novel by Stephanie Perkins. It tells the story of Lola- a flourishing fashion designer who is finally pushed to look in the eyes of the strong feelings she has for the boy next door-Cricket. You will definitely enjoy this if you are a teen looking for some fresh daydreaming material, as well as if you are an adult chasing some nostalgic feelings. It is a great novel if you just want to spend a grand time reading-there are not many writers who can excite and entertain quite like Stephanie Perkins. Read More

  An absolutely astounding story told by Lisa See, who is known for creating intricate novels about women tangled in the nets of history. The story takes place in blooming San Francisco, 1938. There is a war being brewed in Europe, but here, three women meet, each with their own troubles, in a city full of hope and possibilities. They become friends while riding  the unpredictable rollercoaster of life, and just as they gain the strength to climb the stars, Japan bombs Pearl Harbor and their lives are immediately overshadowed by the sudden growth of hate and paranoia against Asians. A very informative as well as entertaining read, that reminds of just how suddenly mass violence can throw your life completely upside down and how conflict across the world is dangerous for each and every person on the planet. Read More

  “Death by Revelation is a mystery novel about revenge, an ancient form of personal justice that does not always require bloodshed.” While providing the reader with loads of food for thought about life, death, humans and the modification of their nature depending on the type of the environment around them, it also follows an incredibly tense development of events, as a woman- Bella, finds her cousin dead. Suicide is the conclusion, but there is a manuscript that Bella finds, that makes her doubt the simple scenario of this tragedy. The gloomy mystery is supported by the gloomy and mysterious California weather, that can be seen in the north-our main destination. Read More

   Urban nature is extremely important for the average workaholic of the 21st century, and yet, most of us just refuse to recognize it, mostly because of being used to it. Nathanael Johnson encourages people to look closely and take pictures of urban wilderness all around us. Even though this book is supposed to be about cities in general, the author lives in Berkeley with his family, which inspired him to think about how to raise children in an urban environment, therefore the theme  comes from San Francisco and offers an insight in the urban wilderness through the lens of this beautiful city. Read More

Last but certainly not least, a collection of stories by the Mr. San Francisco himself-Herb Caen. This is his first post-WWII publication, and portrays the city in one of the most interesting times of history, the second half of 1940s, when most of the world healed it’s wounds, that struck this magnificent city as well. This book should definitely inspire you to go to the Baghdad by the Bay, to see how it has changed, and also because Caen, who’s column appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle for almost sixty years, definitely loved this city. He once said-‘’ If I do go to heaven, I'm going to do what every San Franciscan does who goes to heaven. He looks around and says, "It ain't bad, but it ain't San Francisco." Read More

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