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19 Things We Learned From “Harry Potter And The Cursed Child”

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Caution: don't precede reading, if you are not ready for spoilers. This post contains a large number of them!

1.      To begin with, and most critical: Hermione Granger-Weasley is still the world's toughest witch.

It took only a short time for understanding that the elderly Hermione turned out as we expecting, she is all that we ever trusted she would: very savvy, solid, and nice. Her presence can't go unnoticed. She is very authentic and knows to make decisions on her own; she never gets influenced to make choices by the people who are surrounding her (particularly Ron)
What's more, she's Minister for damn Magic.
I feel dizzy, someone please bring me a chair!

2. Furthermore, Ron and Hermione are still in love.

Alright, I know that the fans are definitely well informed about this because of the cast photographs.
All my condolences to those fans, that wished to see Harry and Hermione together in love. Especially, the ones who have seen J.k Rowling talk. I can affirm that Ron and Hermione are presumably more infatuated than any other time. They are CONSTANTLY kissing, embracing, looking at reestablishing their promises, and clowning about having more children. Sorry for R/Hr heart.

3. The same as Harry and Ginny.

These two have significantly a bigger number of issues than Ron and Hermione – they're both quick-tempered Gryffindors with an affinity for sparing the world, and that is going to bring about   pressure – in any case, clearly, they get past it.
Without the entire Horcrux diversion, we get significantly more Harry/Ginny in the play than we do in the books (let's not mention the movies), and it's genuinely a highlight. The play demonstrates their ups and downs in the relationship in such detail, and we get the chance to see significantly a greater amount of their element. Which is generally just Ginny shouting at Harry to quit being so inept.

4. Say hello to the head of magical law Enforcement

Harry went about achieving his dream of being an Auror, He additionally has become the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement; clearly under Minister Hermione's supervision. In addition, the guy really abhors paperwork.

Goodness, and in the event that you're pondering, Jamie Parker plays the role of Harry Potter. I don't think it will get any better than this!

5. He isn't precisely the best father out there.
 One of the principal themes in the play is the unstable relationship between Harry and Albus. As all the stories with fathers and sons, nobody seems to be satisfied with the other, the father desires that his son meets his expectations, and the son couldn't bare all the demands which will cause them to fight continuously along the play. Furthermore, It got worse when Harry in a moment of anger told his son «He wishes he was never born". However, they moved beyond it!  A strong feeling touched me when I saw them moving through it all together.

6. Ron Weasly the jokes cracker, the loyal friend, and the one “Ron” we all Merit.

We all loved Ron with his humorous personality; his loyal friendship and we will always look at him as the most faithful companion. His presence gives the play an amusing taste, not only that, he's savagely defensive when it comes down to his beloved ones, it seems that he couldn't forget what DRaco Malfoy did, I really envy the people who are friends with Ron. That's all I can say about this amazing personality.

7. What an amazing character! Rose Granger- Weasly is the one I am talking about.
This was so exciting to witness and see, I have wondered forever if ever Hermione and Ron gave birth: how would it be? Despite her little appearance in the play, she was magical, the best combination of two beautiful persons. She resembles her parents’ virtues, and she stands out in everything she does, of course Quidditch too.

8. also, there's a touch of something for Dramione shippers.
If you have thought, Draco and Hermione would be in a partnership, I'm sorry! But I am going to disappoint you.

It was obvious that there's a flash or little spark there between Scorpius Malfoy and rose, although it was also obvious that they didn't get along. Scorpius seems to be developing some feelings for Rose, and it looked like he's almost succeeded in asking her out after their first experience on the Hogwarts Express.

9. Albus was right about his prediction. Potter was grouped into SLYTHERIN.
We all remember that moment in the postscript of the Deathly Hallows, when Albus admitted that he was anxious that Harry may be sorted into SLYTHERIN. Harry didn't appear as tolerating as he guaranteed to be. Despite the fact that he claims
 That he's not furious with Albus in light of the fact that he's a Slytherin. Alright, Harry, I believe you.

10. Albus seems to not care about Hogwarts.

Harry is consistently talking and pushing Albus to see that Hogwarts is the best place in the planet, however when Albus made it there, he's not all that persuaded.
Harry clearly had interests there: friends and a motive at Howarts, also he's a skillful in the classes, but Albus seemed to be friend with one person who happened to be Scorpius. Ops! Harry struggles to accept that, and that would definitely lead to cause a lot of stress to both.

11. The wizarding globe is overflowing with gossips that Scorpius Malfoy is really Voldemort's child.
When Scorpius was brought to life, along with his family they had been tormented by gossips that he is really the child of Voldemort.
Here's the means by which the gossip goes: "In an endeavor to take Voldemort back to control, the Death Eaters utilized the final Time-Turner (which was in the ownership of Theodore Nott, as the rest had been pulverized at the Department of Mysteries) to send Malfoy's better half, Astoria, back to the time Voldemort was alive, and have his tyke. This had been denied by the Malfoy family, yet the speculation went on.

12. The play is full of thruths, and terrible things will happen.
The plot is very amusing, yet incredibly hard to clarify. However, I'll do my best to make it clear:  Amos Diggory requested for harry to utilize the final Time-Turner to snap back in time and save Cedric's life before he dies, and Albus couldn't help overhearing their conversation. Harry knew that playing around with time would be dangerous and my bring chaos and neglected the offer. Albus decided to help Diggory with the assistance of his niece. They succeeded to do what they have been planning to do, and a mess followed the act exactly as Harry feared to happen.

13. In the first substitute reality, Albus is arranged into Gryffindor, Hermione shows Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts, and Ron is hitched to Padma Patil.

In the beginning very little appears to have changed in this substitute reality. Until Albus strolls into a Defense Against the Dark Arts class, and his Aunt Hermione is instructing. He talked to her stating that she's supposed to be marriedto Ron, oh boy! She gets truly furious and mad, because Rone had a wife, and kids with Padma Patil.
This plot is unimaginably hard to manage for any individual who wishes to see Ron/Hermione as intensely as I do. Guess who will cross each other’s path? It was a breath-taking moment for all of us to see Ron and Hermione crossing paths. The good news is that Romione, won't die.

14. In an attempt to fix their mistakes, Albus and Scorpius caused more chaos
The principal half of the play closes with Albus and Scorpius retreating in time once more. What was surprising when they came back to the their current time is that Albus was mysteriously gone, and Dolores Umbridge is headmistress at Hogwarts.
Worst, in this alternate reality, Harry Potter was the one that died at the Battle of Hogwarts. Voldemort still rules, Muggle-borns live in consistent fear, and each discussion is finished with the words "for Voldemort and valour". It's sincerely quite damn upsetting.

15. What an amazing plot! Rone and Hermione are two of the most wanted wizards and Severus snape is still alive.

 This is really mind blowing! The three last members of the order of Phoenix (RON, Hermione, and Severus snape) - are growing solid, and attempting to oust Voldemort.

IT'S fascinating, how things repeat themselves even inside this reality- Scorpius showed up again informing them that there's a probability that they can do a reversal in time and spare Harry. As we know these people would never leave Harry behind, so they did all they could to bring him back.

Despite the fact that Ron and Hermione want to be together more than anything, they weren't in this reality because they were too occupied with saving the world from evil once more.
As the plot progresses, they admitted and surrendered for each other’s love, but they were executed by DEMENTORS.

Someone please help bring me a couch this time, because I can't stand or sit. I need to lie down!

16. I thought things would go back to normal after all the previous events, and I was shocked when it went even more viral! WORST, VOLDEMORT TURNED OUT to have a real kid this time.

It's hard to believe, but it's true. It appears as though everything will be fine for around two minutes, but since this is Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling appreciates upsetting us, chaos hit again.

I’m sure you still remember Delphi Diggory, Amos Diggory's niece, whom I talked about  before?  Albus and Scorpius go to Amos to ask where his niece is – just to be informed that he has no niece. I keep getting orgasms along the plot, and it never stops.
Furthermore, it was shocking to know that Diggory is the girl of Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange. She was evidently conceived just before the Battle of Hogwarts, around the time that Voldemort was staying at Malfoy Manor. After both of her folks passed away in the fight, she was raised as a orphan by the Rowle family. Presently, clearly, she's attempting to vindicate her dad – by backpedaling in time and resurrecting him. OH.MY.God!!
17. There's another prescience included.

The prescience references an "unseeing parent" and essentially expresses that Voldemort can rise once more, and that Delphi can sit as his solid pillar. It is super convoluted, this is what is best about Harry Potter- things only get intensified and you'll never get a break.

 Delphi knew for a while about the prophecy, and has been attempting to utilize Albus to help her satisfy it. She reckoned that there's a reality where Voldemort triumphs – as faithful as that night at Godric's Hollow, she attempts to spare him. EVEN THOUGH she was well informed that prophecies shouldn't be realized, she felt the need to say it to Voldemort. Clearly, if he gave up his devotion to kill Harry, he won't be vanquished in any case, and he’ll rule again.

Let me take a breath!

18. In a TRIP BACK IN TIME, Harry had the chance to save his parents, but he hasn’t taken it.

 Just when i thought that the plot would start to go down, the events got even more surprising and provocative.

 The elites (Harry, RON, Hermione, Ginny, Draco, Albus and Scorpius) gathered and went back to prevent Delphi from saving Voldemort. I WON'T GO INTO DETAILS, but they made it. Harry was faced with the most brutal situation in his entire life, sorry poor harry:'( -- he had to stand there watching Voldemort going to James and Lily to kill them, with the fact, that he cannot interfere, because time shouldn't be messed with. This part would definitely bring you to tears if you are a fan like me.

19. What’s more, at last: Harry is frightened of pigeons.
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