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15 Books To Read If You Love A Shocking Plot Twist

Reading books is definitely part of my life. It has become natural to me just like brushing my teeth or going to the gym and all the other activities. I have chosen to integrate books in my life for the reason that I enjoy reading as much as I enjoy going to the gym, of course i don't enjoy brushing my teeth very much, but books have the power to take your to different dimensions, to color your life and ignite the fire within you. Some books with good PLOT Twists can keep you awake wondering what's next. Somehow i have developed an ability to depict where a book is heading, sometimes i can even expect what's coming next. I can tell you that books with a shocking or unexpected plot twist are rare, and I would love to share with you these 15 Books i have gathered that can shock you with their plot twist. I won't reveal much about the books to avoid ruining it for the guys who haven't read them yet.

Do not assume and do not conclude. Gone girl is the type of books that would make your jaw goes down, full of plot twists that keep coming at you unexpectedly right after you think it's a plot twist, you'll find another plot twist inside that plot twist. I hope that won't much for you to handle because i needed some time to adjust to this one. At the point when Nick Dunne's significant other Amy vanishes before their fifth wedding commemoration, suspicion with regards to the reason for her vanishing promptly falls on Nick.  Nick's misleads his family, the media, and the police; to the implicating disclosure of Amy's journal... prepare yourself for lots of plot twists! Read More 

This one is more a about the ending which is unexpected than plot twist, and that what kept me reading, i felt so eager to finish and know what's going to happen next. I never knew that an author could make an amazing piece out of one principal character, helpless with hopes and such a steadfast faith. Life of Pi is the kind of books that are filled with hopes and wonderments about the mysteries of the ocean as a metaphor to the mystery of this life.  Read More 

When The Kite Runner's closest companions Amir and Hassan discover that their friendship is debilitated by a lot more than just national politics.  Racial pressures rule amid the most recent years of the Afghan government, and the two best friends turned on each other in an infinite plot twist events. After Amir's betrayal to his friend, he realized that this is one of the mistakes that he will always carry with him as a burden. Read More 

The Dive from Clausen's Pier is the kind of books that will make you either adore or totally abhor the twisted ending.  The books is overflowing with unforeseen twists and shocking events. Carrie Bell is a 23 years old who got bored of the predictable life she was leading in the Wisconsin town, just when she decided that it's time to shake her life up - one plunge into the surface of Clausen's Pier will make her question again her plans to leave the town and change her life. Are you wondering what she has seen there! Read More 

Who of us isn't familiar with the movie "fight club"? I don't think there's a person out there who isn't. We often hear that we shouldn't judge a book by its movie. But the movie alone was filled with unexpected and shocking plot twists so that is just a hint about the book. This one is filled with storms and thunders of plot twists. You'll definitely cringe your fists. Read More 

Jo Manders is still suffering from the lost of her husband. She is a war widow that decided to visit her husband's family and found herself with his mother who lives in a terrifying palace. The plot got more overwhelming with twists when she realized that she knew just a little about her husband roots... Read More 

I'm sure if there's a book with uncountable plot twists, it would include the word " Liars" in the title. This a book that will make you question everything written inside it, because once you believe something to be true, you'll get shocked to the fact that it's just another plot twist. This will make you crave for the ending. Read More 

A Mexican family travelled to the United States in high hopes to give a better life for their handicapped daughter, including the academic and therapeutic supplies that they lack in Mexico. When they go there and started living, they realized that the United States is not that colorful as they had been seen in the TV and hearing about. They had to start adjusting to the cruelty there and selecting whom they should trust. This is a book that depicts the unanticipated life of this family who got hit continuously by storms along the twisted events they have encountered in a completely new different world. Read More 

You know that a writer is skilled beyond measure when he could provide plot twists in a nonfiction book. John Berendt has successfully achieved that in his book Midnight In The Garden and Evil.  He tells us again in his own fascinating style a puzzling story of Savannah, Georgia's shooting that happened in 1981 and the eventual outcomes that spread all over the years. Prepare yourself for some more plot twists! Read More 

Me before you is straightforward to facing the unknown. Will Taynor’s life will never be the same after a Motorcycle accident. Lou clark doesn't know how to cope with mysterious, but this is not the place for the familiar. Both characters will go through events that will change their lives forever. Not all the plot twists end well. SO THIS ONE MIGHT BE HARD TO SWALLOW FOR SOME. Read More 

What happens when the life you were leading crumbles down on you? Dolores Price is 17 years old who has been leading a very bad life style, watching TV all day, stuffing her self with unhealthy food, and soda drinks. When she found herself weighing 257 in a world that is not friendly, she decided to turn her life around and give it a try. This might seem like a normal story. Trust me, it’s full of plot twists. Read More 

The Maze Runner made me wonder about it while doing my other daily activities. I couldn't help but go back at it and read some more. Imagine waking up without a memory of your previous life inside some massive walls and the only way to know what's outside or ahead is to enter the deadly Maze. Plot twists inside plot Twist, just wow! Read More 

Miles Halter has been leading a life of comfort, trapped in his zone of comfort.  A shift will happen to him that would cause him to be more adventurous, more alive. He literally has become the opposite of secure. The shift occurred when he crossed path with Alaska Young at their boring boarding school. Things were never the same after that meeting. This is a novel that you will need some time to recover from its intensive plot twisting events. Read More 

Anne is a adolescent girl, not just any normal girl, that she has only to worry about what to do with her life and find her purpose. Anna is burdened with more than that; She has been living behind the shadow of her sister Kate, kate has been struggling with Leukemia long ago. The events got more tripping when Anna found out that her existence was never just about her. There's more to her life than just worrying about some little things. This is a book about the things that family does for each other despite the costs of losing one another. Read More 

Bernadette is facing with the question: whether she is mad or the world around her who is mad? a stumbling question that continues along the book, furthermore, there's also the question of where Bernadette went.  This novel with twisted plots will carry you on a spinning ride from Seattle to Antarctica and back. Read More 
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