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10 Authors you Buy Without Looking at the Blurb

When it comes to reading materials, there is a tremendous amount of books to choose from, but the question that arises is whether a book is worth it or not. In a question survey, we asked our followers about the AUTHORS that they purchase with confidence that it's going to be worth it. And this is what we got.

1. Stephen King
I am totally  in this gathering, I am what King affectionately categorised, one of his persistent Readers; his style and work seem to be  alienating, with a considerable lot of us cherishing his quality of using more words than needed and his meticulousness that characterize his stories, whilst others simply wish he'd come to the heart of the matter! In any case, for those of us who cherish him, that minute when you grasp the most recent 800 or more page book you know that you’ll be having numerous hours of pleasure held inside the pages, and this bring us to the following question: who cares what is composed on the blurb when you are enjoying the journey of reading a book? 

2. Terry Pratchett
Any book or work that append in this man's name to it, is an easy decision buy for you. His comic fantasy book series has such a devoted after and the discharge date of every title was constantly anticipated by the individuals who are acquainted with his characters. Frustration was never going to be an issue .Thus, the blurb spot was something to take a gander at and never a choice assistant.

3. Haruki Murakami
Haruki Murakami has exceeded a lot of our other poles with his exceptional books, and high standards; Furthermore, his enjoyable and amusing tomes hold a promise to never let you put the book down. One hundred and forty-four now don't need to know about his books, you can be sure that your satisfaction will be guaranteed.

4. J.K Rowling
The Harry Potter writer has left her mark in the world of writing when she has composed books with entirely unexpected feel to her Fiction readers under different pen names.  Harries Potter and the Goblet of Fire are amongst the biggest first print that  keeps running of any book with 4.8 million duplicates, it additionally had the biggest ever number of pre-requests with 5.2 million saved over the world, yet her Cormorant Strike books are sticking to this same pattern, gobbled up when they are announced. What's more, if another Potter title were to be uncovered I would definitely not be one of those people reading the blurb.

5. Neil Gaiman
Neil Gaiman seems to have devoted readers, and that explains his outstanding novels that are alluring, despite their category (fantasy, horror or science fiction). A huge number of readers seems to grip NEIL Gaiman's recently written works, there must be something special and dazzling about his titles.

6. Nora Roberts
With more than 200 titles to her name, it is nothing unexpected that individuals have gotten to be acclimated to her composition style and her topics. Nora Roberts stands with the elites, so when you pick up one her books, the blurb would definitely match the external contents.

7. Dean Koontz
His outstanding reputation is enough assurance for his readers to just buy his books whenever they see them. This is one of the authors that once you hear their name, you know good and fascinating things are going to be involved. Dean Koontz is well known as an alchemist when it comes blending Terror, creativity, and hounds in his works.

8. James Patterson
The brilliant thing about James Patterson is that he is relentless when it comes to deliverance. You can choose him as a must read because while you are reading one of his novels, he would be in the process of writing another one. There are few writers as fruitful as he who is able to deliver regularly, and the man is so enthusiastic about it. There's nothing more fascinating and creative than that.

9. Joe Hill
Joe Hill is the son of Stephen King, you might think that he has inherited some skills from his dead. BUT Joe is such a unique fellow also he absolutely has his own special composition style. However, Joe’s small number of books do not count as a hindrance, but rather as a strength because people shovel in his new releases promptly after their proclamation.

10. Dan Brown
The  last passage into the included main ten was Dan Brown, most of the books he writes frequently happen inside a 24 twenty-four  time frame and are set out as a fortune chase with "Christianity" and "Christian History" being a repeating topic. Despite the fact that his works were criticised by some commentators for changing history in order to match the narrative of his books, 58 of you voted that you will purchase whatever he distributes with the knowledge that satisfaction and enjoyment will be guaranteed while submerging into his works.

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