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6 Amazing books Written By The Great Liane Moriarty

Liane Moriarty (born November 1966) is an Australian author. She is the sister of author Jaclyn Moriarty and also the author of six internationally best-selling novels, I am simply fascinated by Liane Moriarty. ‘What Alice Forgot’ was my first lead to discover this amazing writer right after i finished it i got a copy of her other book BIG LITTLE LIES , and in no time i read all the six novels and i can't wait to get my hands on the new one coming in a few days , if you haven't read these novels yet, you are missing a lot, here are 6 master pieces for you to enjoy

1. What Alice Forgot 

This right here is one of my all time favourites. What Alice Forgot is a novel that tells the story of a woman who bumps her head accidently and falls unconscious for quite a while before she comes back to her senses, only now she doesn’t recall any memory from the past 10 years (her children, job, friends… you name it) It’s quite funny but it makes you think more than you’d expect it to. A must read for anyone who keeps bumping his/her head into things. Read More

2. The Husband’s Secret 
This one took me away from my holiday last week but I have no regrets. This is a beautifully written novel as it unfolds the husband’s little secret letter that should have never been found nor read. This changes everything. Read More

3. Big Little Lies

The journey of unfolding the tale of all these lies will never be forgotten. More so, some people would argue that this book beats her previous bestsellers and I have to agree. This books reveals so many secrets that only you can decode. Must read! Read More

4. The Hypnotist's Love Story

A witty modern love story in the age of cohabitation, blended families, and second chances, this is a compassionate, absorbing tale. Moriarty has crafted an incredibly likable heroine in Ellen, the hypnotherapist who can solve her clients’ problems but can’t seem to keep her own life from spiraling into soap opera. Read More

5. Three Wishes

This heart-warming and heart-wrenching story is an impressive first book for Moriarty. She captures all the best and worst of family relationships - siblings, parents, spouses, and children - while balancing the heavy parts with funny bits of mayhem and wicked humor. Read More

6. The Last Anniversary

Three Wishes, but this was so much better...a fully realized family drama. It's the story of the Doughty family, who live on the secluded Scribbly Gum Island off the coast of Australia (near Sydney), and the Munro Baby Mystery. In 1932, a baby was found in a kitchen with a cake cooling on the counter and some blood on the floor. Two sisters, Connie and Rose, decide to raise the baby, and the mystery is never solved. Not publicly, anyway. Read More

7. Truly Madly Guilty

Liane is about to release another great novel in the coming days, i am sure it's going to be an amazing read “[A] brilliant story of love, marriage, parenthood and, of course, guilt…It’s wonderfully suspenseful, slyly sentimental, sometimes outright sad―and also truly, madly, amazingly funny.” ―Forth Worth Star-Telegram says. Read More
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